Tuscany :-


Tuscany is a place of romance, chianti wine, olives, aromatic cooking and, of course, sunshine was deeply embedded in our brains. Today, many travelers visit this glorious region in northwest Italy to escape the hustle and bustle of Rome or Milan and instead take in the Italian countryside. The combination of castles-turned-wineries-turned-hotels, elegant cypress trees, cascading hills and sprawling vineyards is simply heavenly.



Deep, striking fjords, rugged coastal mountains, and glaciers that take your breath away – all contribute to the epic natural beauty of Norway. The nation’s unique landscape and wildlife are protected by spectacular national parks.


Austria, the land of Mozart and waltz, is a medley of sparkling alpine lakes, majestic mountains, and elegant cities, with a rich cultural heritage and one of the highest living standards in the world. And while the capital steals the show with its imperial grandeur, world-class art, and alluring café culture, there’s much more to this small landlocked country than Vienna.

Budapest :-

Budapest is more than just the political capital of Hungary – it’s also the commercial and cultural nexus. From the multifaceted restaurant scene to the rich Jewish heritage, culture extends from nearly every inch of the Pearl of Danube. Split by the Danube River and composed of three main regions (Pest, Buda and Óbuda), Budapest meshes modern conveniences with ancient architecture and tops it off with grassy parks. Whether you’re searching for cuisine, shopping or museums, a multitude of all awaits you in Budapest.

Spain :-













Some countries are full of character and man-made architectural wonders, others have nature on their side. Spain excels in each and every one of them, offering travelers a wealth of natural beauty along with a fascinating history and a cultural scene that’s both deep and authentic as well as creative and innovative.

Berlin :-


France is slightly narcissistic about Paris, and once again, Germany proudly claims Berlin. More than two decades since the fall of the Berlin Wall, the city is basking in a cultural renaissance that is marking everything from museums to fashion, food and nightclubs. That’s not to say that this city has forgotten its dark past; in fact, powerful attractions like the Murdered Jews Memorial, the Topography of Terror and the Checkpoint Charlie Museum are evidence of its steadfast reverence. And yet, Berlin is on the upswing. An afternoon of people-watching at a lively cafe or an all-night dance fest at a hip club will provide you the proof.

Croatia :-


Gorgeous beaches framed by sparkling blue waters, there’s nothing you can’t find in Croatia, a land of great natural beauty and astounding cultural heritage and historic sights and national parks packed with dense forests, striking waterfalls, and unbelievably beautiful lakes.Two such places are the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes and the unique Kornati archipelago, with its 140 pristine islands surrounded by crystal-clear blue water.

Copenhagen :-


Tourists are generally drawn to Copenhagen for three reasons: to frolic in the Tivoli Gardens, to pay a visit to the Little Mermaid statue at Langelinie Pier and to shop for antiques along the Strøget. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Although many of the city’s top museums, parks and royal palaces are clustered in or around Indre By, you shouldn’t be afraid to branch out. There’s gallery-hopping in the Holmen and Islands Brygge areas; beer sampling near Frederiksberg Park; dining Michelin-style in Pilestraede.

Greece :-


Whether it’s the grandeur of its ancient sites, the sublime sunsets of Santorini, or the astonishing clifftop monasteries of Meteora, Greece leaves a long-lasting impression on its visitors. Gorgeous islands, amazing beaches, beautiful sunsets that turn 8 different colors, long history which you need years to learn, great nightlife, fun loving people, good food, always sunny, the water in Greece must be the cleanest in all the Mediterranean it’s so clean it sparkles and you can see your face in it.

Scotland :-


Scotland’s dramatic scenery spans lush woodlands, stunning lochs, rugged coastlines, and green rolling hills topped with crumbling castles.Amazing history and even more amazing landscapes. The fabled Loch Ness and Scotland’s largest national park are also here, and so are epic battlefields, breathtaking beaches, and misty, magical mountains.

Turkey :-


An mix of cultures and colors, sandy beaches and vibrant bazaars, mountains and marvelous ancient ruins .Here, at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Roman theaters coexist with mosques and modern shopping malls, and some of the best historic sites in the world share the landscape with natural wonders such as the blue terraced pools of Pamukkale or the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia.

Iceland :-


Iceland’s blue bubbling geysers, rugged lava fields, and spectacular glaciers create a visual spectacle that seems out of this world with warm, creative, and forward-thinking residents with a strong sense of national pride. Don’t leave the country without taking a tour around the Golden Circle or bathing in the famous Blue Lagoon, a gigantic geothermal spa on the south-west coast of Iceland.



The beauty of the Amalfi Coast, or the excitement of being surrounded by so much art, culture, and history, but there’s something about Italy that just warms your soul and puts a smile on your face. It could, of course, be the divine food, the courteous, well-dressed Italians, or the pleasure of doing nothing, but this country looks and feels so damn good it’s impossible not to fall for its charms.

France :-


Much of the country’s beauty comes from the diversity of its landscape, but it also derives from its exclusive scenes and remarkable architectural heritage, which includes everything from stunning Gothic cathedrals and Romanesque churches to splendid Renaissance chateaux and striking Art Nouveau jewels.