Andamans, the name itself is quite fascinating with tranquillity at its best always. The true Andamans is mesmerising and extends beyond Port Blair and Havlock Island. This is the Journey of soul mates, who are reflection of each other, on the Great Andaman trunk road from Port Blair to Diglipur covering a distance of 360 kms

We entered the journey into the forest area passing through the dense forests, where we found Jarawa tribes, before hitting the Baratang Jetty. The experience is the combination journey by road and boat where your vehicle gets boarded in the boat which crosses you to the other side of the creek. This happens multiple times in the entire journey.  The sights of mangroves while on the boat is truly awe-inspiring

Crossing over the other side on the creek, the journey we continued onwards to Rangat town in the middle island. Passing through thick forests, it’s the closest to the nature Rangat offers some pristine beaches and a gateway to some of the fines unexplored islands and beaches like Long Island, Merks Bay, Lalaji Bay.

Beyond Rangat the drive took us closer to the nature proceeding onwards to Maya Bunder, culturally eccentricity due to the Burmese settlement. Rangat is famous for its mangroves and Avis Island, which is a 30 minute boat ride from Mayabunder.

As they say, save the best for the last, this stretch from Mayabunder to Diglipur took us in a different world altogether, like attaining nirvana. This stretch of about 80 kms is complete bliss and the trip we would like to do it again and again. This experience through real thick forest where we saw some elephants toying with the nature, snakes crossing the roads like we do, made us realise what we missed in our lives, before we actually hit Diglipur in North Andamans.

Diglipur, true paradise on earth and we term it as “gods own paradise” is known to have the highest peak in Andamans – “saddle peak”. A short boat ride from Diglipur took us to heaven which is “Ross and Smith Island’.  Ross and Smith both are connected with a strip of beach to cross over. It’s like a natural swimming pool, where we found fishes jumping in and out of water in a synchronized fashion, which was priceless and moments which cannot be taken away from us. With monsoon adding to our joy & experience was icing in the cake and cherry on top

It was worth every single minute of the journey where-in we found all aspects of our life. Forest, pristine beaches, mangroves, wildlife, nature and that too with abundance of compassion, love, passion and a journey into a new and a beautiful world of paradise… It indeed was a life changing experience for us.