The Kashmir valley is known for its scenic beauty and the rugged mountainous terrain. Little do people know that in this valley, water sports are a major attraction. The rivers in this part of the world are fiercer, making their way through rocky gorges and dense forests.

Shiny white rapids of the Himalayas form a perfect setting for water sports. One of the rivers that have attracted many tourists over the years is the Lidder River in Pahalgam. The icy cold water of Lidder calls out to adventure enthusiasts all across the world to come try their hand.


The best time to enjoy rafting in Lidder is during the summer seasons especially in between April and September when the melting ice makes the river full.

Rafting in Sonmarg

The hilly regions of Gulmarg are also popular among trekkers who wish to have an adrenalin rush climbing the mountains of the Pir Panjal range. Trekkers can also trek on the famous Nanga Parbat that has some spots ideal for trekker. Gulmarg also has a golf course made during the British era, which is very popular among golfers. The thick sheets of ice also make Gulmarg an apt place for skiing.

The slopes in Gulmarg, are of international standards thus drawing professional skiers from across the world in the winter months. Skiing in Gulmarg dates back to as early as the 1920’s when 2 army officers established skiing resorts in Gulmarg.

If river rafting is your forte, then Sonmarg is the place you need to be at. There are various activities one can enjoy in Sonmarg like skiing, camping, river rafting and fishing. Sonmarg has imposing mountains and glaciers. The rivers and the scenic forests at Sonmarg also draw in many tourists.

Drass just 60 kms from Kargil has brilliant sporting opportunities. You can either ski or trek; both popular adventure sports across the Kashmir valley or you can play the ancient game of Horse Polo that is still popular in the valley.

While Kashmir seeks attention from the mainstream media for other reasons, many don’t know there is much more to Kashmir. Adventure sports in the beautiful valley of Kashmir for long has attracted many tourists who are drawn to Kashmir for it unprecedented beauty.

Every region of Kashmir has some sort of a sporting activity. The lakes of Ladakh, the snow clad mountains, the rugged terrain all provide a perfect setting for people seeking to experience Kashmir in a totally different way al-together.

While the layers of snow during the winter make Kashmir an ideal destination for winter sports, the valleys endorse sports like paragliding, air surfing, skydiving and hot air ballooning. Even if you are not a professional you can still enjoy these games under the guidance of a professional. There are numerous training camps where you could enrol yourself.

Where romance is in the air and paradise seems to be on earth, Kashmir can be visited all year round depending on the sporting activity you look forward to experience.

The lakes and the rivers of Jammu and Kashmir have their origin in the melting glaciers. The major rivers that are perfect for rafting are Indus and Zanskar.

Trout Fishing is also a popular activity in the lakes of Jammu and Kashmir. An overnight stay at one of the houseboats in the Dal Lake or the Nagin lake will blow your mind away.

Ladakh can be best enjoyed for its beauty, but one can explore beyond its beauty. The hidden caves, the mystic mountains, and the clear blue sky of Ladakh can be explored on one of the jeep safaris and cave exploration trips.

Other sports that are extensively sought after are Ice Skating and Snow Boarding. The frozen lakes and pools of Kashmir form a natural ice skating rink, it is during this time that tourist’s horde with their skating gears and competitions are organized.

Snow boarding is another activity that has been in the valley for a long time. Though snow boarding as a sport has come a long way, travellers have to carry their own snowboards.

If you are in the mood for touching the sky, hops on of the hot air balloons, paraglide in the blue skies or go on a sky diving trip. Zanskar and Sansar have some of the aero sports in the whole of Kashmir valley.

The Kashmir valley is also a famous destination for heli Skiing, infact the second in the world after Canada. This one of a kind experience give you the thrill of being airlifted by a helicopter and then being dropped down into summit.

Heli Skiing in Kashmir

The best way to get anywhere in Kashmir is on road or by air. The rugged terrain and the inaccessible mountainous valley may make your journey a little tedious, but the whiff of clean air, the clear blue sky and the majestic mountains that fall right onto your face add to the beauty of enjoying your journey more than your stay. The capital city of Srinagar is well connected to Delhi the capital of India.

Accommodation is quite affordable; there are many resorts and hotels that have great deals for every traveller. The best way to explore the beauty of Kashmir is by staying in the tourist huts. I would recommend staying at least a night to have a one of a kind experience.

One thing to keep in mind is the extreme winters in Kashmir, temperature drop to sub zero and it can get really cold. It is very important that you carry enough clothes to keep yourself warm.

The amazing pace at which adventure sports have grown over years, has also increased the number of training institutes and camps where one can either hire the equipment’s required. The best and the safest way to experiencing the thrill of these adventure sports is by enrolling in one of the academies or performing these acts under the guidance of a certified guide, who will assure your safety while you make the best of your trip.

So hope you have a happy and safe trip to a paradise that is Kashmir!