With no effective dynamic customization option available online for booking holiday packages, triggers a clear window of opportunity considering the market size and potential. This platform will not only be a unique, but also a game changer to move holidays business completely online with economies of scale.

Travel Dil Se online platform is first of its kind which offers the following :

ü  Customers can select, design, customize, plan and build holiday packages comprising of all components (flights, hotels, transfers, sightseeing’s, activities, insurance etc ) bundled and book instantaneously within minutes in one click.

ü  Customers can add number of nights, add/ delete/ change sightseeing & activities, change flight, change hotels/ categories, change transportation, upgrade the transportation as well in minutes. 

ü  System will have the required smartness and intelligence of a travel agent built in to guide the customer through the customization process. Few examples

  1. When a customer selects a Sri Lanka package where Day 1 Upon arrival into Colombo there is a further drive of 4-5 hrs to Kandy, then the system will only showcase flights arriving before 1400 hrs as there is a drive of few hours post arrival.  
  2. System will only prompt for book now once it has ensured that the itinerary designed by the user is feasible from all angles (no back and forth in itinerary, no repetition of tours by system, no overlap of any two services etc).

ü  Reduces the lead time dramatically on overall planning, unlike the traditional offline travel companies, where the first level proposal takes beyond 24-48 hours there by increasing the lead time depending on the destination, where in our platform provides the solution in minutes eliminating the dependency on offline sales experts and also beyond office hours as well

ü  Gives the customer a huge benefit on pricing along with a calendar showcasing the lowest price date, where in a customer can change the date and en cash on further price advantage, compared to the offline travel agencies where rates are subject to change at the time booking.  Customers get to the see the real time inventories and prices.

ü  Customers get instant confirmations, vouchers and travel documents, compared to offline where its sent only  5 to 7 days prior to departure

ü  With every product a customer books, they will get an amazing experiential activity complimentary with the package, ranging from hot air balloon to dining in the sky, swim with dolphins, feeding the sharks etc.