Continent Azerbaijan


Why Travel Azerbaijan?

Located on the western shore of the Caspian Sea at the southeast extremity of the Caucasus, Azerbaijan is a mountainous country, yet offers a blend of everything to make your visit a perfectly memorable one.

But to be honest, the most important reason for one to visit this country is its Caspian Sea, which is claimed to be the largest lake in the World. Truly, its area is about 371 000 square kilometres and the maximum depth is 1025m. At the same time, the water of the Caspian Sea is not as salty as the water of the other seas hence it becomes more favourable for swimming, less irritates eyes and does not dry skin--all in all a perfect beach getaway for you!

Next is the list of monuments that are included in the UNESCO world heritage list and should be on your list to be visited while here. One of the most important ones being the historical-artistic reserve Gobustan or simply Gobustan—which is the rarest monument of the world culture and one of the first centres of human civilization. Another monument of the world UNESCO heritage is Icheri Sheher (Old City), known as a “fortress”—is a unique historical and architectural conservation area in the centre of Baku, which you should definitely not miss.

Not only the monuments, Azerbaijan also is the first in the world by the number of mud volcanoes. So if you want to see 350 out of 800 mud volcanoes in the world, come visit this country! Thousands of tourists visit Azerbaijan every year to see impressive eruption of the mud volcanoes accompanied by explosions and underground roar. Real adventure lies here!

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