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Why Travel Serbia?

Serbia is a country on southeast Europe's Balkan peninsula with vast northern plateaus and mountains with ski resorts to the south. Capital city Belgrade is home to Communist-era architecture and Kalemegdan Park, site of an ancient fortress held successively by the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires.

When in Serbia, you could start your day by cycling down the Danube EuroVelo 6 Route—one of the 14 routes created by the European Cyclists’ Federation in 1994; ski at Kopaonik—a major ski resort with 25 ski lifts in total and a national park established back in 1981 or do rafting on the Drina River, which is 346 km long and is famous for its old bridge in Visegrad, which was described in the famous novel “The Bridge on the Drina” written by the Nobel Prize for Literature winner in 1961, Ivo Andric.

Alternatively, you could also explore Fruska Gora and its surroundings, visit Felix Romuliana—an archeological site, spa and UNESCO World Heritage site located near the city of Zajecar, disentangle the diverse history of Nis, explore the culture wonders of Novi Sad and the sprawling Djerdap National Park, make a pilgrimage to the Monastery of Zica or wonder at the museums of Belgrade.


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