Continent Russia


Why Travel Russia?


Russia is world’s largest nation and borders European and Asian countries as well as the Pacific and Arctic oceans. Speakig of its landscape, it ranges from tundra and forests to subtropical beaches--which means there is something for everyone.


A not to be missed site is the Catherine Palace, sitting 25km (16 miles) outside of St Petersburg and is perhaps best known for being home to the Amber Room – a stunning array of amber panels looted by Nazis and since recreated.


A rare experience when in St. Petersburg is the ‘White Nights’. By dint of its northerly location, the city experiences some three weeks of 24-hour daylight from mid-June, a time at which the streets and riverbanks never sleep. Yes, thats true and isn’t that worth experiencing? Another interesting fact about the city’s greatest museum—the  Hermitage is that it is home to around 70 cats, which guard its treasures against rodents. The tradition dates back to a 1745 decree of Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great, founder of St. Petersburg. The museum also has almost 14 miles of marbled corridors.


Once done with these, you could opt for skiing in the Western Caucusus, Krasnaya Polyana (also known as Red Valley) that has 25km (16 miles) of runs, making it a magnet for the country’s skiers and snowboarders. Apart from these, Kola Peninsula (for exceptional salmon-fishing); Krasnaya Ploshchad (Red Square); Lake Baikal (world’s deepest lake is also one of the clearest makes for an awe-inspiring wilderness encounter); Moscow’s nightlife; Mount Elbrus (tallest mountain in the Caucasus and, indeed, Europe itself); St Petersburg’s Canals; Yusupov Palace are worth the visit.


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