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Why Travel Poland?


Poland is an eastern European country on the Baltic Sea known for its medieval architecture, Jewish heritage and hearty cuisine. Here Gothic castles, old market squares and historical tenements mingle with glossy business centers, posh restaurants, free-spirited artistic scene as well as the mostly unwanted, derelict remnants of the communist era.


Poland is a kaleidoscope of vistas and amalgamation of traditions that altogether form a living, changing organism - imperfect, but highly fascinating. When in Poland, you should definitely visit the Tatra National Park that embraces the only mountains of alpine type and features a diversified relief with height differences up to 1,700 m, mesmerizing streams, marvellous lakes and myriad species of fauna and flora.


Incase you are a keen explorer head for Wieliczka, the famed Polish salt mine. Not less magnificent than the Egyptian pyramids they say, the mine opens its subterranean realm of labyrinthine passages, underground lakes and enormous caverns right in front of your eyes. Let yourself marvel at the rich ornamentation in the salt rock as well as salt sculptures and even chandeliers filling the chambers with dim light. The two-hour walk through 20 chambers and winding corridors will not only quench your thirst for exploration but also boost your health with the mine's unique microclimate.


Next on your visit should be the Malbork Castle, which is the most impressive brick castle in the whole Northern Europe. The history of the monumental construction is one of glory and terror, and as you walk past the myriad chambers, where friends were entertained and enemies poisoned, you are transported back to the middle ages, ideally with a guide who can add some extra flavour to this self-evident UNESCO-protected treasure.


Once you've had a good look around the Royal Castle and before you get drawn into the lively atmosphere of Warsaw's Old Town, make sure you spare enough time for Lazienki Park. Even the Mazurian Lake District is a place where one can experience the extremes. Cut off from land, subject to the power of water and wind, you find meaning in silence, solitude and natural hierarchy.


Wawel Castle, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Slowinski Sand Dunes, Bialowieza Forest, Gdansk Old Town Old Town and Main Market Square are some other must-visit places.


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