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Why Travel Albania?

Isolated for almost 50 years from the rest of the world, Albania is a communist country which is situated in south-eastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula and spans across an area of 11,100 sq miles. The country has Macedonia, Greece, Kosovo, Serbia and Montenegro on its neighbouring sides. Talking about its western side, Albania is flanked by the Adriatic Sea while the Ionian Sea borders its south-western side.But there is so much more Albania has to offer than just the hot peach and lime green hotels and apartment blocks, because of which one misses the true spirit of the country it is known for. Long, sandy beaches, rugged, picturesque mountains, pellucid lakes, dark forests, magisterial gorges, wide, shallow rivers meandering over pure white stonesall this and more makes coming to this green and fabulous country absolutely worthy. On the weather front, Albania offers a fabulous weather for most of the year but it is from March to October that the country ranges from warm to very hot and from bright to glorious. Speaking on the language bit, though Tosk, the southern Albanian dialect is the official language of Albania but people are proficient in Italian and English as well, so if you know any of these two languages, your life will be quite simple when you are in Albania. For those who love shopping, there is nothing better than dropping your jaw down in Tirana (the capital of Albania). There are a few big malls (Citypark, QTU, Tirana East Gate) outside of the center, some of which you can catch free shuttles to from just beside the big mosque near Skanderberg Square. There is also some pretty solid thrift shopping if you are up for that kind of hunt. Rruga e Elbasanit, not far from George W. Bush Street (seriously), or near the train station; you can find some gypsy markets or makeshift shops selling some legit second-hand items such as handbags, shoes, clothes. The currency of Albania is called Lek and is issued by the Bank of Albania, which you should just keep handy to go for some crazy shopping! When done with your shopping, you could try visiting these places for some real refreshing air—the city of Berat if you are a history and culture lover, Albanian Riveria for sometime, Apollonia to see the ruins which still show a little piece of original glory, Durres for beaches and holiday fun and last but not the least the Gijrokastra for cultural attractions.

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