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Why Travel Hungary ?


Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe and has Budapest as its capital, which is bisected by the Danube River and is famed for its dramatic cityscape studded with architectural landmarks from Buda’s medieval Castle Hill and the grand neoclassical buildings along Pest’s Andrássy Avenue to the 19th-century Chain Bridge. The country has a long, rich history, and its culture reflects Roman, Turkish, Slavic and Magyar influences.


If you are someone who loves to have a dosage of history, move down towards the Croatian border, at the town of Pecs which is a popular destination in Hungary for its cultural and historical sites – it was even elected one of Europe’s Capitals of Culture for 2010. Even Sopron in the west of Hungary is full of heritage buildings from the medieval era and onwards, and some of its highlights are the  Firewatch Tower, Storno House and the Gothic Goat Church. Keszthely is one of the major resort towns near Lake Balaton.


Or you could also explore the Danube in Budapest by taking a cruise on the Danube River. You can even start way up in Germany and cruise down to Hungary if you want. Even the Baradla Cave (and several more caves) in the Aggtelek National Park in northeastern Hungary is a great destination for travelers. These are World Heritage listed caves and the Baradla Cave is famous for being the largest stalactite cave in Europe. Just two hours from Budapest is the ‘geological curiosity’ that is Lake Heviz – the largest biologically active thermal lake in Europe. Explore these must-visit places and make your trip to Hungary, a truly memorable one.


Budapest's Castle Hill, Lake Balaton's Northern Shore, Thermal Baths, Wine and palinka and Szeged are some more top experiences one should not miss when in Hungary.


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