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Why Travel Cyprus ?

The history of Cyprus is one of the oldest recorded in the world but if we go by its small size, its historical significance seems quite disproportionate. Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean which is known for its beaches, has ruins to wander and an authentic cheese to chew on. You can also search for its elusive sheep, explore monasteries and mountains or drink an ancient wine.

When here, one of the most important archaeological sites is at the end of a stream of souvenir shops in Paphos and dates to the 4th century BC. But that isn’t what makes Paphos historically unique. Rather it is the remains of ancient tombs, fortresses and palaces that have made the whole town a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Paphos a top international treasure. The Tombs of the Kings are Paphos's main tourist attraction and an important reason for the site’s World Heritage listing.

Apart from the monuments, Cyprus also has one of the world’s widely acknowledged top 10 wreck diving sites—the wreck of the Zenobia, off the coast of Larnaca.

Although Cyprus is located off the main routes of travel and has few luxury hotels, the island’s salubrious climate, scenic beauties, extensive roads, and rich antiquarian sites have attracted numerous visitors and will definitely leave you pleased too. Water parks and cultural centres are also popular attractions. From sumptuous food to impeccable accommodation, here you will find everything you could possibly need to feel rejuvenated, de-stress and relax.


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