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Why Travel Saputara?

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General Information about Saputara

Saputara is a hill town in the west Indian state of Gujarat. The Artist Village cultural center displays, and sells, tribal arts and crafts. Artifacts, including ritual objects, trace the heritage of the local Dang tribe at Saputara Tribal Museum. Green spaces with picnic spots include the Step Garden and the Lake Garden, set on Lake Saputara. Governor’s Hill Trail offers views of the surrounding rivers and valleys.

Saputara is known as a well planned resort hill station because of the innumberable sightseeing, trekking and boating opportunities that it offers. It is a perfect getaway for eco lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and people who love adventure sports.

Located at a distance of four kilometres from the Maharashtra border and two hundred and fifty kilometers from Mumbai in Dang district, Saputara literally means habitat of snakes and the tribals of this region worship snakes, especially during Holi. It is a beautiful hilly region enriched with enormous greenery offering magnificent panaroma, tribal culture of a different sort and great trekking opportunities.

Located close to Gujarat and Maharashtra, Saputara is an ideal weekend getaway for families. Favoured by trekkers, adventure lovers and shutterbugs, Saputara is also apt tourists who love to explore the tribal culture.

Saputara is one of the major tourist spots in Gujarat and the people who come here savour the scrumtious cuisine of Gujrat. Some of the most loved are Bajri no rotlo, Bhakri which are thicker than rotis and are crispy, Dhokla, fafda, khandvi and many more. Apart from these Khichdi, dal and roti are common dishes of the vicinity.

An Ideal Itinerary
Day 1- Start your day early with bird-watching and boating in Saputara Lake. Enjoy a walk in the Lake Garden. Explore tribal culture in Artist Village and Saputara Tribal Museum. Enjoy an afternoon relaxing amidst roses in Rose Garden or walking down the steps in Step Garden. Take a ropeway to Sunset Point and end your day with a beautiful sunset.
Day 2- Experience a rejuvenating sunrise from 'Sunrise Point' and fill your day with adventure activities like paragliding and wall climbing.
Day 3- Indulge in a jungle adventure in Vansda National Park and visit the Gira Falls in the afternoon.


Few Places of Interest :

Sunrise Point
Sunrise Point is situated around 1.5kms from Saputara towards Waghai. This place offers best views of Saputara and the adjoining region of Malegoan. So even if one misses out the sunrise view, one can enjoy a lovely panoramic view from here at any time of the day.

Sunset Point / gandhi Shikhar
Sunset Point in Saputara offers a vantage point from where a very scenic view of Dang Forest can be witnessed. The forest area around Saputara is dotted with tribal villages, so in far distance from the Sunset Point, one can also observe the tribal settlements. Gandhi Shikhar can be approached by only a ropeway from Vaity Ropeway Resort.

There are three prominent gardens in Saputara namely Rose Garden, Lake Garden and Step Garden which can be a great delight to visit. In Rose Garden a wide variety of roses can be seen, while in the step garden the arrangement of the flowers is what catches ones’ eyes. At Lake Garden, which is situated on the bank of Saputara Lake, one has the chance to see a diverse variety of multi-hued flowers.

Gira Waterfall
Gira Waterfall is situated off the Saputara-Waghi road about 49kms from Saputara. The waterfall originating from Kapri tributary is at its best during the monsoon season. The water cascades from a height of 30m into the Ambika River offering a very picturesque view. The best time to be here would be between June and November.

Mahal Forest
Reckoned to be one of the densest forests in Gujarat, the Mahal forest is situated about 68kms from Saputara. This place is open for tourists only at a specific time during the year and the tourists are required to take special permission from the forest department to visit here. The Purna Wildlife Sanctuary and Girmal waterfalls are the major attractions here.

Unnai Mata Temple & Hot Spring
Located near Waghai, the Unnai Mata Temple and the Hot spring is one of the major attractions near Saputara. The temple and spring is situated about 68kms from the hill station. It is believed that the hot spring here has the special quality of curing chronic diseases, thus visitors from afar come here to take a bath in this spring.

Ambapada, which is situated about 48kms from Saputara is an interesting place to visit. It is a traditional Dangi village that the tribals inhabit. The lush bamboo groves flank the village making it look absolutely beautiful. The tribals here are engaged in the making of lamps and toys of bamboo roots.

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