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Why Travel Panchgani?

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General Information about Panchgani

Panchgani is a hill station southeast of Mumbai in India’s Maharashtra state. It’s known for the Table Land, a huge volcanic plateau. Lookouts like Sydney Point and Parsi Point offer views of Dhom Dam lake and Kamalgad Fort, used as a prison by the British in the early 19th century. To the southeast, the Rajpuri Caves are surrounded by sacred ponds and contain a temple dedicated to the Hindu god Lord Kartikeya.

Panchgani does not really have a unique local cuisine but is famous for its strawberries. One must definitely try the fruit and maybe even take some home. Other than that, the area, true to the nature of the state, sustains a huge variety in the cuisines available here. One can choose from Gujrati, Parsi, Continental, Chinese, Moghlai, Punjabi, South Indian and Marashtrian menus along with countless options for desserts. Those interested in non-vegetarian delicacies will also find a lot to indulge in from a rich Biryani to various chicken and mutton preparations.

An Ideal Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive at airport or railway station in Pune. Travel to Panchgani from Pune in a cab in the evening. Check-in at the hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel.
Day 2- Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the Tableland, which is the second longest mountain plateau in the whole of Asia. A vast plain land on the top of the hill is sprawled over an area of 95 acres. Then, visit the Sydney point, overlooking the Krishna valley and offering the astonishing views of the hills. Later visit the Kate Point and Parsi point, do not miss a view of a sunset from here.
Day 2- Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the Rajpuri caves, the historic caves that provided shelter to Pandavas during their period in exile. Then, visit the nearby Devrai art village, which offers the beautiful artefacts of the preserved art. In the evening, enjoying paragliding above the hills of Panchgani.
Day 3- Breakfast at the hotel. Head to Mahabaleshwar and enjoy the various tourist destinations- Venna Lake, Mapro Gardens and Elephant?s head point.

Few Places of Interest

Kaas Plateau
One of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites of India, Kaas Plateau in Panchgani is a magical place with landscapes with lakes, flowers and butterflies all around. Kaas Plateau is situated at a mighty altitude of 1200 metres and is a major biodiversity hotspot owing to the many varieties of endemic flowers and butterflies that are found here. Housing about 850 species of beautiful wildflowers, the 1000 hectare area of the plateau is now a reserved forest which is famous for its natural beauty and flora, its Kaas Lake and its beautiful landscape and scenic beauty.

The months beginning from August to October witness the Kaas Valley transforming into a blooming beauty of endemic flowers such as Anjani, Paner, Sonki, Kondal, Deepkadee and Kaasa. The sheer variety of colours, shapes and sizes is a delightful sight to behold and makes Kaas Valley an undeniable hit among scientists, naturalists and adventure lovers alike. The many blossoms of the valley stand in stark contrast to the azure of the sky with numerous delicate butterflies fluttering their way through this kaleidoscopic maze. A secluded plateau, Kaas Plateau is Maharashtra's substitute to Uttarakhand's Valley of Flowers. Recently, the place has started gathering a bit of tourist rush and popularity for all the natural treasures that it holds. However, to preserve the virgin charms of this location, the number of visitors have been restricted to 3,000 per day.

Table Land, Panchgani
This is flatland adorned with a carpet of grass spread over the vast area of around 100 acres. Early winters are a good season to visit Table Land since the monsoon grass is still there and the land is not slippery, the way it is in rainy season.

There is also enough entertainment in the form of horse riding, merry go rounds, mini trains etc. for kids.

Panchgani makes a great destination for paragliding because of its scenic view. Various reliable paragliding clubs are there in the city. You could go on a joyride or take courses across levels, starting from elementary to advanced level.

Less than half an hour away from Panchgani is the city of Mahabaleshwar, an extension of its sceneries countless view points and strawberries and raspberries.

Do take a trip to Mahabaleshwar, while here. Wilson Point, Elephant Head Point, Pratapgarh Fort, Arthur's seat, Mahabaleshwar temple, Lodwick Point, Elphinstone Point. Lingamala falls, Chinaman's fall are just some of the enchanting attractions in Mahabaleshwar.

Sydney Point
Sydney point is a small spot at the top of high land, right at the start of Panchgani when you enter from Wai-side. If you are the creative kinds and are looking for inspiration, this could be your chance to think over in the perfect surroundings.

Kate's Point
Around 15 km outside Panchgani, on the way to Mahabaleshwar, you see a huge rock overlooking the Krishna valley - that is Kate's point. The point gives a great view of the valley and waters of Dhom Dam and Balakwadi.

Devrai Art Village
Devrai Art Village is an art village located very close to Panchgani. It is a non profit initiative to connect with nature and celebrate creativity. A core group of highly skilled Adivasi craftsmen and artists from the naxalite affected areas of Gadchiroli & Chhattisgarh find a livelihood and a safe refuge here in Panchgani.

Rajpuri Caves
Rajpuri Caves are believed to have given shelter to Pandavas during their exile. The caves are surrounded by many holy kunds (ponds) which are supposed to get waters of the holy Ganga and hence supposed to cure all kinds of diseases.

Shopping in Panchgani
While in Panchgani, essentials include fruit products like jams and jellies as well as the freshest pick of strawberries. One can also shop for leather items, wooden items, chappals etc at the Shivaji Circle.

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