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Why Travel Silvassa?

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General Information about Silvassa

With the hills of the Western Ghats and surrounding lush greenery, it is an ideal indulgence into the wild side for a tourist and its Portuguese heritage makes it famous amongst the history enthusiasts as well. Silvassa, situated in the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli, is a beautiful getaway from Mumbai from Pune. The serenity and magnificent setting of the place attracts visitors in great numbers to enjoy a relaxing vacation. In addition to

this, Silvassa is also a great escape for trek lovers. Visitors also experience the unique Indo-Portuguese culture in the town. The architectural splendors also make Silvassa a must visit travel destination.

Located in the southern region of Gujarat and close to Vapi, Silvassa is the capital of the union territory Dadra and Nagar Haveli and is famous for its greenery, exotic resorts, industries and tax - free alcohol. Silvassa is a treat for adventure enthusiasts with several water parks based activities available to its visitors. It is also a paradise for those looking for handmade products. Kilvani Road is the main market in Silvassa where handmade products like Warli paintings and paper bags are sold. People who love to experiment with food have a wide range of options available to them at the restaurants in Silvassa, mainly focusing on the local Gujarati cuisine along with international cuisines including Italian, Chinese etc.

Silvassa is the official capital of the union territory of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. Developed as the capital of the same by Portuguese imperialists, it is now a major commercial hub for Western India, housing many an industry, allowing the city to maintain a low level of taxation.
Far from being a tribal town, Silvassa is a bustling city, touted as one of the famed Smart Cities under PM Narendra Modi's flagship Smart Cities Mission. However, there's more than what meets our eye. Silvassa, apart from having a distinct history, also is a home to beautiful tourist hotspots, be it the woods of Khanvel, or the Lion Safari. Like Daman, Silvassa has a charm of its own, surprisingly unexplored by many tourists.

Connectivity From Mumbai :
Vapi is the nearest railway station to reach Silvassa. The extensive railway network connects Mumbai with Vapi. At the airport, there are cabs and taxis available for hire.

Diu is the nearest airport that gas connecting flights from Mumbai. At the airport, there is local transportation system available for easy movement in and around the city.

Road is the best way to reach Silvassa. There are cabs and taxis available for hire in Mumbai. Self-driven vehicle is also a best way to reach Silvassa. Moreover, there also is private operated bus service functional between Mumbai and Silvassa.

Connectivity from Pune :

Silvassa does not have its own railway station, the nearest railway station is Vapi. At the railway station there is local transportation system available that helps in easy movement in and around.

The nearest airport to reach Silvassa is Diu. There is flight connectivity available from Pune. At the airport there are local taxis and cabs available to help in easy transit in and around the city.

Road is one of the best mode to reach Silvassa from Pune. Mumbai - Pune Expressway and NH 8 connect Silvassa and Pune. Apart from self-driven vehicles, there are taxis and cabs available in Pune to reach Silvassa conveniently. Local bus service is also functional on the route.

Silvassa is the place to be if you want to taste a bit of everything and indulge in countless options and a colourful, vibrant and almost surprising variety. The food of the local tribes here is rich and has numerous elements. Ingredients include Rice, Jowar, Pulses, Wild mushrooms, Bamboo shoots and huge variety of vegetables. One also finds here preparations of crabs and river fishes as well as a teasing variety of Chutneys. One must try Ubadiyu which is prepared with herbs and vegetables as well as Khamman and Gamthi, which are chicken preparations. Other than this a number of places will serve Continental, Chinese, Punjabi, Parsi, Gujrati and Moglai cuisines.

An Ideal Itinerary

Day 1 - Reach Silvassa, preferably by noon and take some rest. In the evening, you can go to the main market in Kilvani Road for a stroll, where you can buy precious, handmade curios and souvenirs..
Day 2 - You should begin ideally with Vanganga Lake, an astounding waterbody worth a visit in Silvassa. Then, you can proceed to the Church of Lady Piety.
Day 3 - This day you can visit the remaining sites in Silvassa, especially the Lion Safari Wildlife Park to begin with. Then, you can proceed to Hirwa Van Gardens for a refreshing retreat.

Few Places of Interest

Hirwa Van Gardens
Hirwa Van Gardens are praised by visitors due to its lush greenery. The beauty of the gardens falls short of words. The gardens serve as a great picnic spot for visitors. Roaring waterfalls and misty cascades adorn the gardens and thus, win the heart of the guests. There also are beautiful flowers in the garden that add a unique glamour.

Lion Safari Wildlife Park
Sprawled over an area of 25 hectares, Lion Safari Wildlife Park is a part of Dadra & Nagar Haveli Wildlife Sanctuary. The safari zone is bordered within a seven meter chain-link wall. This wall stretches over an area of 3 km and the same distance road is used for Safari. There are specially caged vehicles used in safari. The Lion Safari is an initiative made to provide shelter for the Asiatic lion (Panthera Leo).

Our Lady of Piety Church
Silvassa is dotted with numerous architectural splendors, one being the Our Lady of Piety Church. Built in the 1886-89 by Portuguese settlers, the church is one of the must visit attraction in the town. The church is beautiful and features exquisite internal and external archway.

Khanvel, situated at a distance of 22 km, is an amazing attraction to be visited ar4ound Silvassa. The unspoilt beauty of the place and huge stretch of Rolling Meadows, special native style cottages, passionately decorated terraced gardens, and the serene river Sakartod, are the attributes of the place that leaves the visitors spellbound.

Swaminarayan Temple
Located on Silvassa Bhilad road, adjacent to river Daman Ganga, Swaminarayan temple is known for its architectural beauty. The detailed carvings on the wall are the main attraction. The temple complex, that opens around 11:30 am is very well-maintained and has a lush lawn. The idol of the temple deity adorns a beautiful dress.

Vanganga Lake Garden
Placed at a distance of around 26 km from Khanwel, the beautiful and well-manicured Vanganha Lake Garden is on the Vapi Silvassa road. Tourists can indulge in fun activities such as boating on the placid lake waters or simply sit and enjoy the cool gentle wind in the morning.

Dudhni Lake
Around 17 km from lake, the water of Madhuvan reservoir water fills Dudhni Lake. The lake is easily accessible by road wherein one can either rent a private vehicle or can take an auto rickshaw. Treat your eyes to the scenic beauty spread all around. The place becomes all the more delightful during monsoon season. It is also referred to as the ‘Kashmir of West’ as one can partake in shikara rides.

Satmalia Deer Park
Neighboring Vasona Lion Safari Park, Satmalia Deer Park is placed on the Khanvel Silvassa road. This park is home to various species of deer and colorful birds. One can also partake in gypsy rides, organized by the government.

Vasona Lion Safari
Standing alongside the Satmalia Deer Park, Vasona Lion safari is located on the Khanvel Silvassa road. Spread in 20 hectares of land, this mini safari is conducted between 9 am to 5 pm, excluding Mondays.

Located 40 km southwards of Silvassa, Kauncha is quite popular amidst trekking enthusiasts. Just set-up a camp here and indulge in star gazing. Adventure enthusiasts can also try their hands in Kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing and boating rowing.

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