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Why Travel Alibaug?

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General Information about Alibaug

Alibag is a great getaway from Mumbai and Pune. Wear comfortable clothes and light slippers if you are here to enjoy the beach.

Alibaug, also known as Alibag, is a coastal town, just south of Mumbai, in western India. Just offshore, 17th-century Kolaba Fort has carvings of tigers and elephants, and temples dedicated to Hindu gods. To the south, Portuguese-built Korlai Fort dates from 1521 and includes a lighthouse. The island fort of Janjira has high walls, turrets and cannons.

Just 100 km away from Mumbai,Alibaug has many serene and beautiful beaches, known for its mesmerisingly calm weather and dense coconut groves. Apart from the beaches, there are many historical and intricate temples in this region which are also interesting for tourists here. A walk amidst dense, refreshing coconut groves could also be very enchanting and relaxing if you are looking for some solidarity. Kihim beach, Alibaug beach, Varsoli beach, Kanakeshwar devasthan temple, Kanakeshwar forest, Kolaba fort, Hanuman temple are among the popular spots here for the tourists to enjoy. Murud is also very nearby to Alibaug and Janjira fort is just 1-2 hours away from Alibaug.

Because the town is surrounded by sea from three sides, Alibag is regarded as "Goa of Maharashtra". The tranquillity of the beaches has left many tourists awestruck. Alibag is a great escape for people who have a huge love for beaches, forts and temples.

Mumbai and Pune are two major cities near Alibaug. On your drive to Goa, Alibaug is an attraction in the middle of the journey and therefore can be visited by trains, airways and road. Take private or public transport from Pune or Mumbai.

The nearest central railway to Alibaug is Koha and Panvel. Nearest airports are Pune and Mumbai.

The nearest major airport is at Mumbai. From there, you can reach Alibag via bus, car, cab or boat.
There are frequent bus services to Alibag from most cities and towns in Maharashtra. You could also take a road trip.
The nearest major railhead is in Mumbai. From Mumbai, you can hire a taxi to travel to Alibag.
For commuting internally, auto rickshaws are easily available in Alibaug, but it is advisable to have your own vehicle for the uninterrupted hoping from one beach to another.

Alibaug's cuisine sustains quite a variety with a subtle dominance of seafood - owing to its location along the coast line. You can enjoy a variety of food style ranging from South-Indian to Continental and restaurants ranging from budget to expensive, fine-dine ones. One can also indulge in Chinese preparations as well as flavors of local and traditional cuisines.

Day 1- Arrive at Alibag, check-in and rest. Then visit Alibag Beach, Nagaon Beach and Rewas Jetty.
Day 2- Visit Kihim Beach, Versoli Beach and Kolaba Fort.
One can find cottages, hotels, bungalows, homestays along the coastline of Alibaug. Homestays are more preferable as they provide basic ammenities with car parking at minimal rates.

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