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Why Travel Covelong?

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General Information about Covelong

Covelong, a fishing village on the Tamil Nadu coastline, serves as a true delight for beach lovers. It is relatively close to Chennai and is in many ways, the perfect weekend getaway. Tourist Places In And Around Covelong Covelong has temples that belong to the 5th to the 8th century. Built by the Pallava dynasty, these temples exhibit the rich cultural heritage of erstwhile south Indian kingdoms. The Shore temples are an important attraction of Covelong that add to the tourist value of the region. Covelong also has options for water sports and is the only spot in the country where options for windsurfing abound. A canal running parallel to the great Bay of Bengal separates Covelong from the mainland. Other major attractions of the region include the Covelong Beach, Catholic Church, Dutch Fort and Muttukadu Backwaters. Covelong Weather Covelong experiences the same hot and humid climate which is much characteristic of coastal Tamil Nadu. It would not be advisable to visit during summer when the temperature becomes as high as 38 degrees Celsius.

Distance : Approximately 34 kms from Chennai, reaching by road about 50 minutes.

The best time to visit Covelong is from October to March, during winter. How To Reach Covelong Located in proximity to Tranquebar, Pondicherry and Chennai, the region enjoys good connectivity via road.

Few Places of Interest :

The Catholic Church :
The Catholic Church, a very popular attraction of Covelong, was built during the early days of colonial rule. It stands today, amidst changing times, a symbol of endurance. The church has seen the earliest days of colonial rule in India and has also been witness to several important events over the course of its history. Devotees throng to the church at all times of the year. The Church is a towering structure and serves as an important landmark in the village. The architecture of this manmade marvel has been preserved to a great extent and is also a place that would enlighten the aficionado about the times that Covelong has passed through.

The Dutch Fort :
The Dutch Fort is another important attraction in Covelong that kindles the interest of history lovers. It is located on the coast and was constructed by the Dutch East India Company as a strategic point in the settlement’s defense. Though the Dutch are credited with the construction of this historic monument, it has since been in the possession of different establishments after the Dutch left Covelong. Though its days of glory are gone, it still stands as a proud reminder of the times that are past attracting thousands of visitors to Covelong every year. Close to the fort are a lot of seaside cottages, villas and other attractions that bring in a lot of revenue to the community. The fort is easily accessible by road, and it is not difficult to get to the Dutch Fort once you are at Covelong.

Muttukadu’s Backwaters are famous as an avenue for many forms of water sports. One can go for kayaking, windsurfing or canoeing and explore the limits of his or her adrenaline rush. Muttukadu, a village located about 28 km away from Chennai, is a location that must not be missed, once at Covelong. The fact that Muttukadu is located at an ideal distance from the city means that it’s easy to get to the natural haven without having to worry about pollution. This place is well maintained, with all tourism activities regulated by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. Every year, during the month of February, a windsurfing event takes place here in Muttukadu. Otherwise known as the Windsurfing Regatta, the event attracts its fair share of visitors to Muttukadu Backwaters. The locality is diverse in flora and fauna and blends the elements of greenery and the expanse of water perfectly.

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