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Why Travel Nagarjunasagar?

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General Information about Nagarjunasagar

Located at a distance of approximately 150 kms from Hyderabad, Nagarjuna Sagar is one of the preferred & most popular weekend getaway from Hyderabad, promising few enchanting moments to each and everyone. Earlier known as Vijayapuri, Nagarjunasagar is situated between Guntur and Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh. The name of the place which means ‘the city of victory’ has been derived from Acharya Nagarjuna, a Buddhist saint. Nagarjunasagar makes for an amazing weekend getaway trip for one and all from Hyderabad.
Nagarjunasagar is basically famous for its 124m high dam and the isolated Nagarjunakonda. A steam boat ride is something that you shall enjoy her: however there aren’t any hotels in Nagarjunasagar or Nagarjunakonda, so you have to book accommodations in Mriyalguda and Machrela as they have many hotels in this region.
A dam constructed on the Krishna River, Nagarjunasagar stands on a site which was once a capital of an old dynasty and the centre of Buddhist teachings in South India. Buddhist monasteries and other monuments found here have been relocated to Nagarjuna’s Hill which is now an island in the middle of the reservoir.

Attractions: During a one day trip from Hyderabad, you can look forward to viewing panoramic scenery around the dam which is one of the tallest in the world. The lake created by the dam is the third largest manmade lake. Nagarjuna Sagar dam is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the place. Built in the year of 1969, with a height of 124 metres, it is the world’s tallest masonry dam. The dam is one of the most important source of hydroelectricity. Earlier called as the Nandikonda project, the dam has been built on the River Krishna presenting breathtaking scenic beauty as well.
Nagarjuna Konda, where the ancient Buddhist excavations have been relocated, is in middle of the waters of Nagarjuna Sagar and can be reached by a boat.

The place now has a religious and as well architectural importance too along with the natural beauty. During the construction of the dam, various ruins of ancient Buddhist civilisation were excavated. These have been preserved at Nagarjuna Konda, a mesmerizing island museum situated in the centre of a man made lake. It is consisted of relics of the Buddhist saint, Acharya Nagarjuna along with various stuff related to Buddhism.

Once at Nagarjunasagar for your weekend, you will have various activities to do along with sightseeing. One of the most enjoyable is the boating. Steam boat rides are available to the dam which one must try out when at Nagarjunasagar.

This tourist attraction is flocked by hoards of visitors during the monsoon season when all the gates of the dam are opened and splendid views of the water falling through the 26 gates from a height of over 100 meters can be seen.

Best time to visit: August to February

An Ideal sItinerary
Make sure you are wearing a comfortable pair of shoes, carrying a backpack with the pre-requisites for a picnic, a camera and some touristy vibe as you set out to explore Nagarjuna Sagar. The thing about this place is that it's all about the vibe. There are fewer things to do and see but expect a long day of gasping at the beauty and impeccable heritage preserved in various corners here ever so beautifully. Spend the first half of your day the Nagarjuna Sagar. It's more than just a dam if you read and explore the place, there are so many interesting things about this dam that a few hours will pass away in the blink of an eye. It could be interesting to see how the irrigation system is run, how electricity is produced and fascinating how the dam is playing a physical boundary between adjacent states.

After lunch, you could take a boat ride to Nagrjunakonda, a small island and learn about the ancient history and excavations retrieved from here. Keep around two to three hours for the Ethipothala waterfall which is formed by the coming together of three streams namely Nakka Vagu, Chandravanka Vagu and Tummala Vagu. Further ahead, you can check out the crocodile breeding centre and the Ranganath and Dattatrey temple which is at walking distance from the waterfall. End your day in the nearby town of Machrela by getting to know the local culture, people and cuisines of Andhra Pradesh.

If you have an extra day in your hand, you could head to the Nagarjuna Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Srisailam. Spread across 3568 sq km, this sanctuary was declared a Tiger Reserve in 1983. The area covers almost five local districts and is a home to animals like langurs, jackals, macaques, monitor lizards, soft shells turtles and marsh crocodiles. Not just animals, it can be a delight for birdwatchers to be able to spot as many as 150 species of birds like grey hornbills and pea fouls. You can find accommodation in the form of hotels and guest houses within the sanctuary.

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