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Why Travel Bhavnagar?

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General Information about Bhavnagar

Bhavnagar is situated 198 km from the state capital Gandhinagar and to the west of the Gulf of Khambhat. It has always been an important city for trade with many large and small scale industries along with the world's largest ship breaking yard, Alang located 50 km away. Bhavnagar is also famous for Popular Gujarati snacks 'Ganthiya'.

Located at the southern tip of Gujarat peninsula, Bhavnagar is known as the cultural centre of the state of Gujarat. Literary achievers like Govardhan Tripathi, Kavi Kant, Narsihm Mehta and Ganga Sati have their roots in Bhavnagar. While on one side, you'd see the careless waves of Gulf of Khambat, on the other hand you can see the busiest port of ocean trading in Indi

Connectivity :

Bhavnagar is well-connected to other cities of Gujarat such as Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat by road, with bus services operated by the state-owned transport corporation. Local buses serves as a local transport in the city. Bhavnagar Terminus under the Bhavnagar railway division, serving the city, connect it to Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Surat, Vadodara, Mangalore, Kochi, Quilon, Trivandrum, Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and other major cities of India by rail road.

Private auto rickshaws are other modes of transport within the city and nearby villages.

The Gujarati Thali consists of various dishes like ringana methi nu shak, Gujarati khatti mithi daal, undhiyu, bhindi sambhariya, aloo rasila, steamed basmati rice, badshahi khichdi, Chapati, methi na thepla and bhakhri with kachumber salad along with various types of chutneys and buttermilk. There are many restaurants in Bhavnagar that make Gujarat's best a whole lot better!

Gujarat is a dry state with most vegetarian options. It has some good restaurants and roadside dhabas which privide good options in non veg. The must try are the local dishes of the state. Khakra, Thepla, Dhokla, Khandwa. These dishes might be available in the rest of the country too but they taste the best here.

An Ideal Itinerary :

Day 1 - Arrive, check-in and rest. Then visit Gandhi Smriti Memorial, Malnath Shiv Temple, Aksharwadi Temple, Nishkalang Mahadev Temple, Khodiyar Mandir and Takhteshwar Temple.
Day 2 - Visit Barton Library, Ganga Deri, Tramak Falls and Ghogha Beach. Rest of the day off for shopping and enjoying local dishes.


Few Places of Interest :

GauriShankar lake
A beautiful lake flowing amidst the hills, the view of this place is soothing. Sit by the lake side with your feet dipped in water, as the clear water of the lake flows through under your feet, the coldness of its touch makes you forget all your worries and surrender to the beauty of nature.

Near the lake is a Balvatika, a garden for children. Alongside is also a temple dedicated to lord Shiva.


Nilambag Palace
Built in 1859, this palace has now been converted to a heritage hotel. The architectural design of the palace shows a fusion of Indian and western architecture done with sheer brilliance.

Victoria Park
On the edges of the Gaurishankar Lake, a few minutes from Bhavnagar is a 2-sq-km protected forest, Victoria Park. One can spot vibrant flora, various species of birds and butterflies and a large fox population. It is one of the oldest human-made forests in India, made in 1888 by Mr Proctor Sins for Maharaja Takhtasinhji of the Bhavnagar city.

The park includes 223 bird species including birds like Bulbuls, Green Bee-Eaters, Robins, Tailorbirds, Silverbills, Peacocks, Sunbirds, Spotted Owlets, Shikra, Rose-Ringed Parakeet and Common Peafowl. Further, it has 15 mammalian species and 20 reptile species. Moreover, the park has several small nurseries which house a unique variety of plants. Also, the Gaurishankar Lake and Krishna Kunj lake are home to some migratory birds. The park now has a picnic site with many benches, picnic tables and concrete block pavements.


Takhteshwar Temple
Situated on the hill top near the railway station, the beauty of this temple is beyond words. Dedicated to lord Shiva, Takhteshwar is built of white marble and makes for a prime tourist spot.

One can enjoy an enchanting view of the city from a height from the temple premises.

Water lock gate
Located in the city dockyard, Water Lock Gate was constructed a 100 years ago. Visitors need special permission to visit the site.

Years ago when it was built, it was done up with the intention to control water level in order to ensure the movement of boats and ships even during the low tide phase. It is a beautiful visual to watch.

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