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Why Travel Hassan?

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General Information about Hassan

Established in the 11th century by Channa Krishnappa Naik, a chieftain, the beautiful sleepy town of Hassan was named after Hassanamba, the local deity. Famed as the temple-architectural capital of Karnataka, Hassan is also popular for its rich culture, which was at its zenith during the reign of the Hoysalas, whose proof can be seen even now. Located on the banks of the Yagachi River, this tranquil town is the perfect weekend getaway destination from Bangalore for enjoying a relaxed vacation. It houses a number of temples, marvelous pieces of architecture. Marvel at the lush greenery spread all around and enjoy the soothing sight. A visit to Hassan during a weekend is surely a visual and cultural treat.

Hassan is approximately 190 kilometers away from Bangalore and 50 kilometers from Belur. The city with its illustrious temples and intrinsic architectural and carven works is one of the popular weekend gateways from Bangalore. Although Hassan dilates the traditional hues of Jainism but the finest temples were dedicated to Lord Shiva by the later monarchs in the dynasty. The Chennakesava Temple, which is 40 kilometers from Hassan, and Hoysaleswara Temple, 30 kilometers from Hassan, are the major attractions. Further, the statue of Gommateshvara Bahubali dating 978-993 AD, which is located at Shravanabelagola, is another nearby attraction.

Connectivity :

By Train : The railway station of Hassan is directly connected by several regular trains to different cities of the country including Bangalore. You can go aboard a train from Bangalore to Hassan.

By Road : Hassan is very well-connected to different South Indian cities by a good network of road. The best option is to hire a private taxi to Hassan from Bangalore. Another option is to ride a state-run or private bus.


Few Places of Interest :

Just 38 km from Hassan, Belur is a very well-known place that was once the capital of the Hoysala Empire, between 11th and 13th century. The rulers built several temples during their reign, which today is one of the most important tourist attractions in the state. The Shennakeshava temple and the Veeranarayana Temple are 2 of the very popular temples, because of their striking architecture.

Halebid/ Halebidu
Located 27 km north-westward of Hassan, Halebid is another popular tourist attraction, known for its magnificent temples, which were built by the Hoysala rulers, during the 12th century. The Hoysaleshawara temple, the Kedareshwara temples and 2 Jain basadi are the most popular architectures here. Do not miss noticing beautiful sculptures of animals, birds, Gods and Goddesses and dancing girls.

Shravanabelagola or Sravanabelagola is very popular in the form of a Jain pilgrim centre. The most important tourist attraction here is the tallest monolithic statue in the world. This statue of Lord Bahubali is around 27 meters high. Once in 12-years, this 1000-yr old status is visited by thousands of devotes during Mahamastakabhisheka.

Yagachi Dam
A major attraction in Belur, Yagachi Dam was constructed in 2004, with an objective to meet the irrigation needs and to provide drinking water to the people of Belur, Hassan and Chikmagalur. Lying at an altitude of 965 feet above the sea level, this wide reservoir has Yagachi Water Adventure Sports Centre in its backwater. You can partake in several activities such as bumper rides, kayaking, jet skiing, cruise boat, speed boat, boat ride, etc.

Placed just at a distance of 20 km Hassan, Gorur is a sleepy hamlet, lying on the Hassan-Arkalgud road. It is the site where you can have a look at one of the largest reservoirs in Karnataka. This dam has been built on the River Hemavathi, which flows into Gorur village. Around 146 feet high, this dam widens itself in 4,362 m. A must-visit site, the Hemavathi reservoir offers an amazing view to the visitors.

Just 13 km from Hassan, the serene town of Shettyhalli is known for the famous Drowning Church, which was erected in the year 1860 by people belonging to the French Missionaries for the wealthy British estate owners, residing nearby. Erected on the backwaters of the Hemavathi reservoir, although this church is in ruins, it offers an amazing sight for the onlooker.

Located around 10 km north-east of Hassan, Koravangala is a small green town placed on a road cutting off from the road that leads to Arsikere. This site is very popular for 3 beautiful temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which was erected by the Hoysala rulers during the 12th century. Another striking construction here is a Surya shrine, which consists of an idol of Sun God that is 6 feet high. This place also has a number of other attractions.

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