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Why Travel B R Hills?

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General Information about B R Hills

Also known as Biligirirangana Hills, this place is now declared as a tiger reserve by the government. About 181 kms from Bangalore. This tourist spot is stuck between the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats, making it a paradise for visitors. Situated at a height of about 5100 ft, these hills offer a beautiful site to discover on your weekend getaway from Bangalore.

The best time is from June to December. You can book your travel tickets between these two months. Nearest railway station and airport will be at Mysore.

You can find typical Indian and local cuisines here. One can indulge in the local food here consisting of Dosa, Bisi Bele Bath, Akki Roti, Jolada Roti, Idli, Vada, Sambhar, Kesari Bath, Mysore pak, Chiroti etc .

Explore the roads, ascend up the hills, take blessings of the deity, take memorable pictures, enjoy a super brunch or go strolling in the jungles. You can also take a jungle jeep safari and get a chance to view elephant, gaur and leopard terrain. If you are lucky enough, your eyes might catch tigers. Jeep rides to the forests, along with camp naturalists, will make sure you do not miss any important spot. It can be explored on feet. Also, if visiting in winters you can enjoy the evening campfire. You can even spend some quality time with your loved ones in the lavish villas and resorts in BR hills.


An Ideal Itinerary :

Day 1- Reach your hotel by morning and relax your mind and body. After resting, start your trip with Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple, situated on the top of the peak. Devote some time here and afterwards enjoy the jungle safari at BRT Wildlife Sanctuary. Get a chance to watch the large endangered species with a hub of avian population. Tigers, leopards, wild dogs, lesser cats, sloth bears and giant flying squirrel are some from the animal group. This jungle safari will consume up to 2 hours. It is the time to enjoy activities like trekking, fishing and river rafting.
Day 2- Buckle up your shoes as you visit Dodda Sampige Mara, 2000 years old Champa tree which is 24 km away from the city centre. This might consume almost half of your day. While returning you can choose to stop at markets for getting souvenirs of forest products.


Few places of Interest :

BRT Wildlife Sanctuary
Home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, this wildlife sanctuary is situated between the Kaveri and the Tungabhadra rivers, spreading over an area of 540 sq km and is a place the BR hills are known for.

A number of endangered species reside here along with a large avian population. This abundance of wildlife can be enjoyed through jeep safaris and elephant rides available here. This forest reserve is also known for its wild elephants, gaurs, chital, sambhar, barking deer, four-horned antelope. Tigers, leopards, wild dogs, lesser cats, sloth bears, giant flying squirrel are also found here along with 254 species of birds.

Dodda Sampige Mara
Literally meaning The Big Champak Tree, it is believed to be more than 2000 years old, with a height of 34m and a width of 20m. It is situated within a temple, with multiple lingams next to it. It is a holy tree, worshipped by the local tribes.

Biligiri Rangaswamy Temple
Devoted to Lord Ranganatha, this temple is situated atop the highest peak of the BR Hills.

This temple is the only one in the country where this deity is depicted in a standing position. The Annual Car festival of the deity held during 'Vaishakha' in the month of April, is an event, the region is known for and attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over. The Ratha festival is celebrated at Biligiriranga Hills. There is also a tradition where the local tribes present a large pair of slippers measuring 1-foot (0.30 m) and 9 inches, made up of skin, to the Ranganathaswamy once in two years.

The Soliga Tribe has existed here for centuries. There are 5 clans having 300 members in each. The tribals are engaged in activities like silk weaving, making honey and collecting turmeric. You can walk down the tribal hamlets and closely view their lifestyle. It will give you an all new experience of encountering what tribal life is.

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