Kasauli village,IN
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Why Travel kasauli?

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General Information about kasauli

This small hill station seems to live in a time warp that belongs to the 19th century. Nestled amidst beautiful woody forests of pine and cedar trees, Kasauli owes its mystical and serene ambience to the lavish Victorian buildings built by the Britishers who resided here years back.A mixed forest of pine, oak and huge horse-chestnut encircles the town. Its colonial ambience is reinforced by stretches of cobbled road, quaint shops, gabled houses with charming facades and scores of neat little gardens and orchards. Kasauli is well connected by road and about 300 kms from Delhi.

Christ Church and Baptist Church done in the classic Gothic style of architecture are the attractions to visit apart from the ceremonial Mall Road. You might also want to check out the Kasauli Brewery, which is believed to be the oldest functioning distillery for Scotch whisky in Asia.

Kasauli is not about particular attractions or activities, but about the serene environment and enchanting calmness that it provides. If you want to just find a good getaway from the hectic life of your city, Kasauli provides the ideal environment to soothe your nerves. Kasauli offers a variety of options for adventure lovers. Apart from the rejuvenating nature walks which provide a panoramic view of the surrounding hills, Kasauli is a major attraction for trekkers and campers.

While in Kasauli you can relish some local and traditional cuisines of Himachal. One can try out the Sidu ( a kind of locally made bread), Kadhi, Poppy Seeds Halwa, Maadra and more. You can also sip into some refreshing and healthy teas popular here such as the Green Ginger Tea which has cinnamon and spices as well.
Another beverage that one must not miss while here is the locally made wine. One can relish Peach wine, Plum wine, Apple wine, Sherry wine and some more. The area also has a vibrant and lip-smacking street food culture. Do indulge in the Samosas, Aloo Tikki, Kachori, Chole Bhature, Bread Pakoras and more. Other than these local flavors and indulges of the street one can have a fine dining experience at the various restaurants here that serve Indian, Italian, Continental and Chinese cuisine

Connectivity :
By Rail : Shimla, located at a distance of 77 km, is the nearest railway station to reach Kasauli. There is a local commuting facility available.

By Air : Shimla is the nearest airport, located at a distance of 77 km. There are taxis and private cabs available on hire.

By Road : There is road connectivity available from Delhi. The route to reach Kausauli from Delhi goes via Karnal, Panchkula and Kalka.


An Ideal Itinerary

Day 1- Reach Kasauli by morning. Experience the sunset at sunset point and explore the Mall area.
Day 2- Start off your day with a visit to Monkey point, the highest point in Kasauli followed by Christ Church and the several temples around. You may visit Dharampur and Sabathu which houses a 19th century Gurkha fort.
Day 3- Indulge in a nature walk along Gilbert Trail.
Day 4- Visit Kasauli brewery, Baptist Church, the highest brewery in the world and Central Research Institute.


Few Places of Interest :

Monkey point
Kasauli's Monkey point is the highest point of the town. Located at a mere distance of 4 kilometers from the bus stand, this destination has a small temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Local legend dictates that while fetching the Sanjeevani herb for Laxman, Lord Hanuman's foot touched this spot. You would be surprised to learn that the top of the hill is shaped like a foot.

Being the highest point of the town, the Monkey point has some scenic views to offer. You can capture the bird's eye view of the nearby cities of Chandigarh, Kalka, and Panchkula from this point. The mighty river Satluj can also be seen coursing its way through the mountain ways and combined with the enchanting view of the nearby mountains, is a breathtaking scene. The fresh mountain breeze coupled with the reverberating sounds of temple bells is a unique encounter with serenity and should not be missed.

Timber Trail
Wrapped in the quiet charms of Himachal Pradesh, Timber Trail in the city of Kasauli is a quiet little hill station. The destination is an emerald beauty with its many pine and coniferous trees. Timber Trail is a favourite among the backpacker community and students alike.

The view from the heights of the Timber Trail is breathtaking in every aspect. This place is popular for its ropeway rides, which are a thrilling experience. Sliding through the mountain ways while surrounded by the incredible natural beauty is a refreshing experience. The deep gorges right below the ropeway will give you an incredible adrenaline rush without even moving your feet! A few quaint hotels are also available here, which are the perfect place to stay over and enjoy the virgin charms of this destination.

Sunset point and Lover's Lane
This area is a popular yet a very quiet spot to enjoy the sunset, pine-laid landscapes, valleys and sceneries. Nearby to the Sunset point is a trail or a path known as the Lover's Lane which is an only more quiet walk through the valleys and some of Kasauli's most calm and breath-taking sceneries.

However it is preferable to leave the area before its gets dark or late in the evening, since it tends to be a rather off-beat place with not to many facilities.

Mall Road
This is a much loved exception to the otherwise quiet Kasauli. For a small town that it is, the mall road provides flattering options for shopping and eating out.

While most areas in Kasauli are off-beat, one must not miss this colorful hustle bustle of the town. The market is at its vibrant best during early evenings and a evening stroll here is highly recommended.

Christ Church
Christ Church, earlier known as Anglican Church, was constructed in 1884 is an imposing building. A must see for tourists visiting Kasauli, it is situated on Lower Mall close to the bus stand. Christ Church is dedicated to St. Francis and St. Barnabas. It also features a clock tower and a sundial. The church cemetery has graves dating back to 1850s. The church has a cruciform floor and beautiful stained glass windows. It is situated on Lower Mall, close to the bus stand. Apart from that, the other churches in the town are Baptist Church, Irish Roman Catholic Church and St Patrick’s church. A few other churches can also be found around Kasauli.

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