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Why Travel Pushkar?

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General Information about Pushkar

Located about 411 km from Delhi, Pushkar is an important tourist destination famous for Pushkar Lake and the 14th century Brahma Temple at Pushkar, dedicated to Brahma. According to the Puranas, Pushkar is the only place where Brahma may be worshipped. The city is visited by tourists throughout the year. The Brahma Temple in Pushkar is held in high regards and visited by tourists from all around the world. Pushkar is one of the oldest cities of India and is one of the five sacred dhams for devout Hindus. It has one of the very few existing devoted temples to Lord Brahma. (Badrinath, Rameshwaram, Puri and Dwarka forms the penta). Legend has it that Pushkar Lake, at some point, played host to 500 temples and 52 royal palaces.
Pushkar is also famous for its annual Pushkar Camel Fair, held in the month of November. This is one of very few places in Rajasthan you would find which isn't famous because of a fort. This holy city attracts tourists from far and wide for its many temples. Even though Pushkar is a deeply religious destination, it has become a hipster's paradise in the last few years

Connectivity :

By Rail : Ajmer is the nearest railway station to Pushkar and is well-connected to Delhi via rail.

By Air : Pushkar is a small town and has no airport. The nearest airport is in Jaipur. Jaipur is connected to all major cities including Delhi.

By Road : Ajmer’s main bus stand is around 11 kilometers away from Pushkar. Ajmer is well-connected to major cities including Delhi via Road.

Pushkar is a tiny town but full of little surprises in its cuisine. It has restaurants which can offer you a number of cuisines from Italian to Chinese. It only gets better as local, popular and exquisite preparations are available at pretty low prices. The standouts of the food here are Malpua, Poha, Dal Chaat, Dal Bati Choorma and Lassi. and are the must-haves in Pushkar. However since Pushkar is a temple town full of religious activity and festivity, meat and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

An Ideal Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Pushkar by road or rail and settle into your hotel. Roam the streets to get a flavour of the local food and enjoy some stunning delights like Daal bati churma, mohan maas, laal maas, ker sangri, sohan halwa, badam halwa and ladoos. You can also shop in one of the many street markets for fabrics, decor, food items like pickles and masalas and other memorabilia. In the evening, go for a camel ride, jeep ride or tractor in one of the villages surrounding Pushkar. These rides take you into the desert and you can see the stunning sunset on the backdrop of undulating sand dunes.

Day 2: The next day, visit Pushkar Lake and also see a few Ghats that have been built at different times in history. On the banks of this lake is the Man Mahal and Brahma Temple which can all be visited on the same day. In the evening, settle in for some delectable Rajasthani food and folk dances, a combination that most local resorts offer. You could also try your hand at dancing.

Few Places of Interest :

Pushkar Palace
Pushkar palace is one of the most acknowledged palaces in Rajasthan. The famous royal mansion is located 145 kilometers from the nearest airport and only 13 kilometers from the railway station. It is not far away from the bus stand either as it is only 0.5 kilometer away from the bus stand. The marvelous architecture of the palace provides you a picture of the Rajasthani architecture. Hence, tourists flock the palace in large numbers to get a detailed idea of the various features of the Rajasthani architecture.

The palace is currently converted into a heritage hotel. However, the transformation had not plundered away any of its royal features. In fact, it has opened a great opportunity for tourists to get a real taste of royal hospitality. The beautiful rooms with tasteful décor are a pleasure for the guests. The beautiful lawns and lobby further takes you back to the royal era. However, even if are not a guest of the hotel, it will still be a worthy visit to witness the splendid palace. The facilities offered are Camel Ride
Camel Cart Ride
Visit Cattle fair of Pushkar
Steam bath
Camping site
Visit to Pushkar Lake
Swimming pool
Jacuzzi and Sauna Bath

Pushkar Lake
Considered to be one of the most sacred destinations for Hindus, Pushkar lake has a status equal to the holy Ganga river in India. Legends has it that the creator of universe, Lord Brahma prayed with Mata Savitri on the banks of this river. As per Hindu mythology, when lotus petals from the hands of Lord Brahma fell on earth, Pushkar lake was created. Owing to such a mythological belief, Pushkar lake is also called as ‘Tirtha Raj’ or the king of all pilgrimage sites.

The sacred Pushkar lake is visited by thousands of devotees every year. Hindu pilgrims, who wish to take a dip in the holy waters of this lake, can choose from the numerous bathing ghats across the lake. A total of around 50 bathing ghats and 400 temples around the Pushkar lake, makes the place truly divine.

Important ghats around Pushakar Lake
Among the numerous bathing ghats around the Pushkar lake, few make it as the most visited ones. These ‘Not to miss’ spectacular ghats include Dadhich Ghat, Gwalior Ghat, Yag Ghat, Varaha Ghat, Saptarishi Ghat, Gau Ghat, Haipur Ghat and Karni Ghat. A dip at some of these ghats around the Pushkar lake is believed to have special curative powers.

Brahma Temple
Dedicated to Lord Brahma, the Brahma temple in Pushkar is the only of its kind in India. Being the only temple of Lord Brahma in the country, the divine place holds a great amount of significance. It is situated near the holy Pushkar lake in Rajasthan.

Construction of the renowned Brahma temple in Pushkar started long time back in the 14th century. Being given a North Indian temple design with the whole structure in marble, the temple looks quite captivating. The temple stands on a high podium and is ornamented by an image of Hans and a red spire at the entrance. Right pass the entrance, one would be likely to get fascinated by the silver studded inner walls of the temple.

The center of attraction in the temple is the main shrine, which houses the life size idol of Lord Brahma. Idols of Goddess Savitri and Gayatri can also be seen on the sides of Lord Brahma’s statue. Besides worshipping Lord Brahma, pilgrims can also seek blessings of Lord Shiva. Right across the main shrine, there lies a way to the temple of Lord Shiva, which is built in a small cave.

Sarafa Bazaar
Among the most popular and vibrant bazaars in Pushkar is the Safara Bazaar, alluring thousands of pilgrims and tourists every year. All the stuff in a way exhibit the real culture and tradition of India. In fact, any tour to Pushkar is incomplete without visiting this famous bazaar.

Pushkar is revered as one of the pious towns in Rajasthan, with several sacred ghats and shrines. From notable attractions to lively bazaars, Pushkar has a lot keep you engaged.

Whether it be a local market or a showroom, the town doesn’t seem to disappoint you in any aspect. Some of the unique buys of Safara bazaar include best quality of garments (stitched or readymade), beautiful shimmering accessories, amazing fabrics, stony bead bangles and excellent leather goods. The town also boasts of intricately designed camel covers. Do not miss the most stunning and attractive statues of different Hindu Gods and Goddess.

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