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Why Travel Dhramshala?

Dharamsala is a beautiful city located amidst the serenity of the upper Himalayas of Kangra Valley in the shadow of the Dhauladhar mountains at an altitude of 1457m and has a lot of attractions and natural scenery to offer. It was formerly known as Bhagsu and is the second winter capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is surrounded by dense forests of Deodars. The residence of the Dalai Lama and the Central Tibetan Administration are both located here making it very relevant in Indo-Tibetan relations. Dharamsala is the centre of Tibetan exile in the world who are trying to preserve their art and culture in this town and hence the area is a popular destination for Indian and foreign tourists, including students studying Tibet. Dharamsala is famed as the holy residence of the Dalai Lama and houses the Tibetan monk in exile. The city is distinctively separated as upper and lower divisions with different altitudes. The lower division is the Dharamsala town itself whereas the upper division is popularly known as Mcleodganj.

As it is a Tibetan hub, Dharamsala is considered to be one of the best places to learn and explore Buddhism and Tibetan Culture.

Connectivity :

By Rail : The closest railhead is at Pathankot that has broad gauge line.

By Air : Just 12 km south of town is the Kangra Gaggal Airport.

By Road : Dharamsala is well connected by road and several buses connect the town to Chandigarh, Shimla and Delhi.

One can find a lot of restaurants and cafes here which derve decent food. Being dominated by the Tibetan culture one will mostly find Tibetan cuisine being served. Do try the momos, thukpas and other Tibetan dishes. Another speciality of this place is honey ginger lemon tea which is a very refreshing drink. A lot of cafes also serve English breakfast with Pancakes, Omlettes and Sandwiches. One of the best establishments here are the Green Restaurant and the Herbal Tea Shop. There are a few pubs here as well which serve imported alcohol along with food with music in the background. Momos are a specialty here. Different types of momos locally called as Tingmo, Tibetan type samosa known to be Baklebs and a meal of soup and noodles Thukpas are most common.

An Ideal Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive at the Gaggal airport, reach your hotel in a cab. Check-in at the hotel. Leave for local sightseeing after some rest. Visit the Buddhist Monasteries in Dharamsala. Visit the famous Tsuglagkhang monastery and Namgyal monastery in McleodGanj and spend some time in peace and tranquillity.
Day 2: Visit the Dharamsala cricket ground and enjoy the surreal view of the Dhauladhar ranges. Then, head to visit the famous Dal lake of Dharamsala. Afterwards, visit the Kangra Fort which is located just 20 km away from Dharamsala.
Day 3: Visit the BhagsuNag waterfall and temple in Mcleodganj. Then, enjoy the short trek of 2-3 hours to Triund in Mcleodganj and back to the hotel.


Few Places of Interest

McLeod Ganj
Named after Sir Donald Friell McLeod the British Lieutenant-Governor of Punjab, this place is home to the Tibetan community and the centre of tourist activity.

Bhagsu Waterfalls
Located 1 km from McLeod Ganj, it is traveller’s delight due to its surrounding beauty and the history associated with it. It is located close to the Bhagsu Nag Temple which is dedicated to Shiva.

The place is divided into lower and upper Dharamkot, the former is similar to a smaller Bhagsu, with a number of restaurants and hostels all in close proximity and the latter is nestled in the woods and is ideal for those looking for a quiet escape from urban life or those wanting quicker access to the trails that start just at the edges of Dharamkot.

Kareri Lake
It is located approximately 40 km north of Dharamsala in the Dhauladhar Range. Located on the outskirts of Kangra town, it was built by the Rajput family of Kangra as part of the Katoch Dynasty.

Dal Lake
Located on Dal Lake-McLeod Ganj Road, North of Dharamsala, it is known for its altitude and surrounding canopies of deodar trees that add to the charm of this small lake. There is a sacred Shiva temple here that is quite popular among the local people for its mythological importance.

Kangra Fort
Located on the outskirts of Kangra town, it was built by the Rajput family of Kangra as part of the Katoch Dynasty.

One of the main attractions of Dharamshala is Triund hill which is a one-day trek at the upper reaches of McLeod Ganj, about 9 km from McLeod Ganj.

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