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Why Travel Mathura?

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General Information about Mathura

Located on the banks of river Yamuna in the state of Uttar Pradesh it is considered as the birth place of Lord Krishna & draws flocks of Hindu tourists every year looking to visit the numerous temples in the city. It has an array of shrines, temples, kunds & Ghats.Devotees throng here to experience the pious beginnings of the Hindu God. The city has numerous small and big temples along with 25 ghats on the river Yamuna where people taking a dip in the evenings would not be an unusual phenomenon. Mathura was also once a Buddhist centre with around 20 monasteries, however, continuous attacks by Afghans and Mughals left the city in ruins. Most of the ruins are now preserved in the archaeological museums. The city is dotted with temples and over 25 ghats on the banks of river Yamuna. Mathura is also one of the Sapta-Puri (Seven sacred cities) according to Hindu mythology.

Major attractions here are religious in nature and include certain sites in relation to Lord Krishna and his parents. Mathura attracts thousands of pilgrims especially on the occasion of Janmashtami (Krishna's birthday) in August or September and during Holi in March as Barsana's (a village in Mathura) Holi is famous worldwide.

Connectivity :
By Rail : Mathura Railway Junction is the most important railway station in Mathura. Regular train services are available between Mathura and Delhi.

By Air : New Delhi International Airport is the nearest airport to Mathura. The airport is located at a distance of 147 kilometer from Mathura. Taxi cabs are available between Delhi and Mathura and the journey takes around 9 hours.

By Road : Mathura is well-connected to cities like Agra, Delhi and Mathura via road. The Yamuna Expressway is the shortest possible route that connects Delhi and Mathura. Tourists can opt for taxi cabs and their own vehicles. State owned and deluxe bus services are available between Delhi and Mathura.

The standout of the town's cuisine are its sweets and milk products. Pede, a form of sweet dish made from condensed milk, is a specialty here. Other than these one must try Kachori, Jalebi, Chaat, Panipuri, Samosa, Dhokla, Aloo tikki and Lassi. One can also find delicious typical North Indian platters.

An Ideal Itinerary

Day 1- Reach Mathura in the morning. Freshen up and have breakfast. Try out the local North Indian snacks for breakfast. Post breakfast, you can head towards the Keshav Dev Temple. You can walk around the numerous temples across the city. Head towards the Katra mosque and the Sati Burj. The latter is a huge tower in the memory of his mother by Behari Mal of Jaipur.

Day 2- You can head towards any of the numerous temples for the early morning aarti. Later, you can visit the museum. It remains closed on Monday. You can also shop at the local bazaars for colourful handmade artefacts. You can spend your evening near the Yamuna ghats and experience the grandeur of the place.


Few Places of Interest :

Govardhan Hill
Govardhan Hill is situated at a distance of 22 km from Mathura. All his worshipers worship the pure rocks of the hill just like they worship his idol. The hill is made up of sandstone and stands 80 ft tall with a circumference of 38 km. Some interesting places one gets to visit the hills including Mansi Ganga, Mukharvind, and Daan Ghati.

History says that Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan Hill during his childhood on one finger to save his village of Mathura from fierce rains and thunderstorm. This hill is thereby considered holy and is visited by worshipers on Guru Purnima, Govardhan Puja in devotion by walking 23 km barefoot around the mountain. After Lord Krishna had saved his village, he told everyone to worship the hill which is why Govardhan Puja is a day after Diwali. It is a serene place, and definitely, a must visit!

Sri Krishna Janmabhoomi Temple Complex
Shri Krishna Janmbhoomi in Mathura which means birth place of Krishna is a temple constructed on the birth place of Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is held that Krishna the embodiment of Lord Vishnu was born in a prison cell that existed here in past and the result of many excavations which has tried to prove this belief.

This site has faced brutal destruction during Muslim invasions. Small shrines of various gods and goddesses are seen here within the colossal structure. On a visit to this temple you have to go through certain security checks at the gate. You will also have to leave your cell phones outside the temple premises.

Kans fort
Mathura’s Kans Fort was built by Raja Mansingh of Jaipur. The fort was constructed by the side of River Yamuna. Kans Fort in Mathura owes its name to the legendary King Kansa of Mathura who was also the maternal uncle of Shri Krishna. Kansa was the self-proclaimed King of Mathura and was tyrannous in character. According to the divine prophecy he was destined to be slained by the eighth son of Devaki, his sister. This spurred the demon within him and he took recourse to killing all the infants born to Devaki. But Krishna had a miraculous escape and thereafter his myriad attempts to slay Krishna were thwarted till he was himself killed by Krishna.

Gita Mandir
True to its name, the Gita Mandir features inscriptions of the holy book in and around the surroundings of the temple. A magnificent idol of Lord Krishna is housed in this temple along with Lakshmi Narayana, Ram and Sita. Intricate carvings and paintings are seen within the temple premises.


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