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General Information about Velneshwar

Located in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, Velneshwar is a village south of the Guhagar town.Velneshwar is a village on the Western Coast of Maharashtra, India, about 70 km from Ratnagiri. Velneshwar is reputed for its rock-free beach which facilitates the ease of swimming. There is an old Shiva temple near Velneshwar which is frequently visited by pilgrims. The village follows Smarta Tradition and the people of the village worship Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, Lord Surya and Goddess Durga.

This village is considered to be the root of the Gokhale, Raste (Gokhale), Gadgil, Govande, Savarkar, Tulpule, Velankar, Ghag families and has their family shrine.

Velneshwar is well known for the temple of Lord Shiva and it also has a beautiful crescent shaped beach which is clean and unspoilt and ideal for swimming. Velneshwar gets much limelight during the month of March, when the Maha Shivratri Festival is held here, as a tribute to the God Shankar or Shiva. If you are seeking an ideal water point where you can relish the beauty of nature while swimming and sunbathing, then the Velneshwar beach in Maharashtra is the perfect place for you.

The fresh green coconut trees and rock less sea water make the beach very alluring. Velneshwar is the perfect place for a weekend getaway with your family or for a quick escape into relaxation. Velneshwar is a small village and there are not many activities one can do except for relaxing, swimming in the sea, watching dolphins and relishing the delicious Konkani cuisine.

Since it is a coastal village, Velneshwar has a tropical climate. There is humidity throughout the year. The best time to visit Velneshwar is in the winter months from November to February. Summers can get very hot. The rains, on the other hand are enthralling and pleasant.

Air: Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport to Velneshwar. It is 330 km away from Velneshwar. You will have to take a taxi from the airport to reach Velneshwar.

Rail: The nearest railway station is Chiplun (65 Kms). From Mumbai, it takes 4 hours to reach Chiplun by Konkan railway. From Chiplun's Central State Transport Depot, buses run to the town of Guhagar. From Guhagar bus depot, you can take an Auto-Rickshaw to Velneshwar.

Road: State transport buses run from Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur up to Guhagar. From Guhagar, local state transport buses for Narvan and Tavsal have a stop at Velneshwar. Auto-rickshaws are also available from Guhagar.

Food choices are minimal at Velneshwar with typical home style Konkani cuisine being popular. You can enjoy sea food like prawns, mackerel, salmon, pomfret, king fish and black pomfret and non-veg. dishes like chicken curry or saute along with Bhakri (bread made from rice) and the Solkadi. Vegetarians can enjoy the delicious Pithla Bhakri, Valachi Usal, Amboli, Ghavne, Modaks.


An Ideal Itinerary

Reach Velneshwar and check into a resort of your choice. After this, hire a taxi to visit the Velneshwar Shiva Temple. You can spend the rest of your day relaxing at the beach swimming and looking at dolphins. After spending quality time enjoying the beauty of nature at the beach, you can check out the good restaurants of the place to enjoy delicious Konkani food. Go back to your hotel to spend the night. You can head out the next morning to visit the nearby town Guhagar. Alternatively, with the new breakwater at Tavsal which is 15 kms from Velneshwar one can easily take a trip to Jaigad to see the British era cast iron light house and the Jaigad fort. Further 20 odd kms from Jaigad you can visit the Ganapatipule temple.

Brahman Ghal
Brahmanghal is a rare natural phenomenon where continous gradation of the rocks by the sea has created a gorge in the black rock patch about 20 feet deep and 1-2 feet wide. The sea water gushes in and a water column rises through this gorge above the rocks upto 20-30ft!
The temple of Uma Maheshwari is on the same rocky stretch on the way to Brahman Ghal.

Dashabhuja Ganesh Mandir
This Laxmi Ganesh Temple is not only ancient but also rare. Carved in white stone beleived to be from the Kashmir region the idol is 3 feet high with ten hands, hence the name 'Dashabhuja Ganapati'. A grand ceremony along with a procession of a chariot is held in Magh every year to mark the birth of the diety.

Velneshwar Beach
Velneshwar has one of the most secluded and pristine beaches in the entire Konkan stretch and with popular destinations like Guhagar and Ganpatipule flanking it on either sides Velneshwar is soon going to capture the imagination of beach lovers in Maharashtra. A small stretch of beach with very few tourists Velneshwar, is the beach destination in Konkan that you need to head to if you are looking for some time away from everything.

Velneshwar Shiva Temple..
Velneshwar hasnt been been spoken about much apart from the Velneshwar Shiva Temple which is flocked by hundreds of devotees during the Maha - Shivratri festival. Small shrines dedicated to Lord Vishnu, Ganesha and Kala Bhairav are also present in this Shiva temple.

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