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Why Travel Chiplun?

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General Information about Chiplun

In the quiet, far away from the city port district of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, lies Chiplun, the city that offers you time among mango groves next to the beautiful lake, Vashishti. This town is most known for its white sand beaches and beautiful mango and cashew groves by the Vashishti river. Beaches and greenery make it perfect destination for honeymooners and nature lovers. Pretty good place for those who love Malvani food. Trekking can be the reason for adventure enthusiasts to visit the place.

Chiplun, meaning 'The abode of Lord Parashurama' got its name because of the famous temple it houses. Chiplun also happens to be an industrial town and most people coming to this side tend to go to the River view resort, a popular getaway on weekends. The sunsets that can be seen from both the Vashishti river and Koyna Dam are so attractive that people book rooms to wake up to the sight of the brilliant scenery. Chiplun falls as an important station on the Konkan railway route for trains heading to Mumbai from Goa and South India. This gives you all the more reason to stop by at this little heavenly place for a breath of fresh air before you greet the city of dreams, Mumbai and all the chaos that comes with it. Travellers describe their experience here as the perfect picnic spot, with the scent of mangoes wafting through the air.

Do not miss the scrumptious Malvani food. This cuisine basically is the standard cuisine of coastal regions. It comprises mostly of non-vegetarian delicacies. Malvani cuisine is cooked in a unique style. The use of coconut in any form is common in all dishes. If you love spicy food, Malvani cuisine is perfect for you. However, there are few non-spicy dishes too.
There are a plethora of choices available to you when it comes to Malvani food like 'Kombdi Vade' but seafood curries and fish dishes are dominant. In Chiplun particularly, you will find various restaurants serving this cuisine. The most famous of them is Hotel Abhishek. The restaurant is easy to locate. Also, other cuisines are available Some of the must try and buys in Chiplun are jackfruit chips, cashew nuts, mangoes and Kokum sherbet.

An Ideal Itinerary :

Day 1- Reach Chiplun by morning. After checking into your hotel and taking breakfast, you can start your day by visiting Parashurama Temple. It is at a walking distance from the city centre. After this, if you are visiting Chiplun in monsoon season, you can head out to Sawatsada waterfalls. It is near to the city centre. Then, take lunch and do not forget to order the famous Malvani cuisine. In the evening, you can go to Guhagar village as per your mood. It is located far from the city and will take around 3 hours including the travel time.
Day 2- Start early morning to visit the largest river of Konkan, Vashishti river. You will get a beautiful view in morning. After this, you can head out to Walawalker Shivaji Museum. This will take around 3 hours. Take lunch and then, head out to Koyna Dam. This place also looks beautiful in monsoons. You can also visit Nehru Smriti Udyan which is right next to it.
Day 3- After taking breakfast, start early and head out to Marleshwar Temple. It is situated at a distance of around 56 km. So, around 4 to 5 hours is required to explore the temple. Then, you can head out for trekking at Nageshwar Temple.
Day 4- If you are here for one more day, then you can visit Pandavas caves or Gowalkot fort. You can get a fantastic view from this fort.


Few Places of Interest ;

Guhagar beach
Located on the banks of the Vashisthi River, the ancient city of Chiplun is as famous for its mangoes and coconuts as it is for its Guhagar Beach. A favourite picnic spot among the local inhabitants of the area as well as tourists from all across the country, the beach is noted for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset scenes, as well as its tranquil surroundings. In fact, the Guhagar beach is the only white sand beach that is situated among the long stretch of Konkan beaches, and proudly boasts of its clean and vast stretch of sand that is bare, save a distant jetty far away. The expanse of sand is sprinkled with swaying palm and coconut trees. White-bellied sea-eagles soaring across the vast sky is also quite a familiar sight to behold here.

Vashishti River
One of the larger rivers in the Konkan, the view of the river is beautiful. Sparkling in fresh morning sunlight, many stay stunned and most stay in hotels booking rooms just for the view of the river.

Sawatsada Waterfall
Located close to the Parashuram temple, the Sawatsada waterfall can only be enjoyed during the monsoon season. Almost white in colour, its rippling sound and gushing scene make it a delight for photographers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Marleshwar Temple
Located in the lap of the cascading waters of the Dhareshwar waterfall, Marleshwar is an ancient temple in Chiplun. This cave temple has many sacred grooves and cuts within its bounds, and its foundation is believed to have been laid down by Parshuram himself. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva, and this temple is a greatly revered shrine among believers and locals alike.

Lord Parashurama Temple
300 years old and running, with the most perfect mix of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles, the Parashuram temple in Chiplun is dedicated to the 6th incarnation of the Hindu deity.

The temple houses 3 idols and is surrounded by stone walls. Behind the temple is another shrine built for Goddess Renuka, Parashuram's mother. Legend goes that the Bandganga lake at this site was created after Parashuram shot five arrows into the

Koyna Dam
Famed as one of the most well known and largest damns is India, the Koyna Dam is a rubble concrete constructed dam on the Koyna river which springs in the hill station of Mahabaleshwar.

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