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Why Travel Shrivardhan?

Shrivardhan is one of the oldest towns in Maharashtra. It is a town of Peshwa.

Shrivardhan/Shriwardhan is a taluka, city and municipal council in the Raigad district of the Indian state of Maharashtra. It has developed into a seaside resort, along with the nearby town of Harihareshwar, which also has a Shiva temple. Located on a peninsula, the town itself boasts many beaches, in addition to proximity to numerous other beach destinations such as Diveagar Beach and Kondivali Beach. People from across Maharashtra come to Shrivardhan and the nearby beaches all year round.

Shrivardhan is counted among the popular tourist destinations and is located in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The town itself does have many beaches as its a Peninsula. The whole area is abundantly scattered with a plethora of long extensions of tranquil and attractive beaches like Diveagar Beach, Harihareshwar and Kondivali beach. The tranquility and scenic beauty at the beach is the best thing about this place. The majestic white sand coastline is bestowed with striking palm groves and mango plantations and makes the day for the tourists. Therefore, it is an ideal vacation spot.
Nevertheless, even the most ardent of tourists have failed to explore these beaches properly. It carries a different kind of natural beauty that has an unusual appeal and can give a sense of ultimate bliss. The wonderful palm groves, mango trees and shaded coastline is wrapped with splendid white sand.
Shrivardhan is full of religious places and other attractions like the exotic cookery spread (particularly, the seafood), leafy meadows and pastoral standard of living of the regional fishermen.

The distance between Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar is 18 km and they are often considered to be twin cities.

Kandivali beach is also an important tourist destination, located just 10 minutes from Shrivardhan by bike.

Most of the people are engaged in fishing and agriculture, with fish being a popular offering for tourism. Shriwardhan is mostly covered with mango and coconut trees. The city is home to many hotels and resorts, and is popular as a destination for weekend getaways and group picnics.

Alongside Marathi, there are more or less 4 languages and/or dialects spoken in the town. Few other languages are commonly spoken other than Marathi, as Marathi is the preferred language of 99% of the town’s residents. Konkani, which is part of Marathi literature, is spoken by just 1% of the town.

A holiday in Shrivardhan comes with several bonuses. It is hopping distance from other beach destinations like Diveagar, Kondivali and Harihareshwar. If you get bored of beach hopping you could visit the several shrines located around. Though less on magnificence and splendor, Shri Laxminarayan Temple has been associated with the Peshwas. The Suvarna Ganesh temple and the Harihareshwar temples situated not far off from Shrivardhan are also famous and of high religious importance.

Shrivardhan offers activities like boating and sailing. The beach is also ideal for swimming since the waters are shallow. You can just laze on the beach, go for a swim and once you have had your heart’s fill, gorge on the sumptuous cuisine of the beach town. Seafood of Shrivardhan is simply delicious. Restaurants pride on providing the best catch of the day.

The town has been of historical and religious importance. It is believed Pandava warrior Arjun visited the town during his pilgrimage. Shrivardhan is also be mentioned in accounts of European travelers such as Ziffardan. The town’s importance grew when Balaji Vishawanath was appointed as the Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. The third Peshwa Balaji Bajirao built a huge house in Shrivardhan in 1750, which was renovated recently. A memorial to Peshwa Balaji Vishwanath was built in the town in 1988.

Rickshaws and Six-Seaters are available for travel between Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar, Diveagar. There is also an availability of Maharashtra state transport buses, which provide connections to all neighbouring cities. Buses connect Mumbai (185 km), Pune (163 km), Harihareshwar (20 km) and Panvel (125 km). The nearest train station is in Mangaon, located 45 km away from Shrivardhan with strong connections throughout the Konkan coast to Pune and Mumbai.


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